Our Story

The Italian Sausage® is a family-owned and operated business, offering exquisite sausages, passionately homemade by ourselves – George and Valeria Smith.

To let you have an imaginary foretaste of our sausages, let us share a bit of our story with you. The Italian Sausage® is a result of years of passion for the Italian cuisine that started in those childhood times spent in our grandmothers’ kitchen in Sorrento, were we grew up, helping them cook or simply marvelling at their way of magically transforming simple ingredients into delicious meals, while filling the house with incredible aromas.

When we left our motherland in search for new adventures abroad, we brought all the warmth and passion for the Italian cuisine with us and kept our culinary traditions alive; on most evenings and weekends we enjoy challenging ourselves in cooking our traditional meals, using locally-sourced ingredients, and share them with family and friends.

In December 2014, we decided to set up The Italian Sausage® business and bring a slice of Italy to the streets of Bristol (mostly Gloucester Road, near Millards Motors Accessories) in our Apetta – starting with our Salsiccia which we make from locally sourced pork meat, fennel seeds, black peppercorn, white wine and salt, according to our old family-cherished recipe passed down from generation to generation.

We serve our Italian sausages in Ciabatta bread with various toppings (mushroom garlic and parsley, homemade onion Jam, peppers olives and capers, and others toppings depending on the season). Why not take this taste of Italy to your own kitchen? Our sausages are indeed available to order and cook as you please or try our favourite recipes that we publish here from time to time.